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Moving in accordance with the IT policy to harness the potential of Information Technology as a key contributor to development of Pakistan, Ministry of IT has initiated a development project “National IT Development and Promotion Unit (NIDU)” targeted at seeking out areas of key importance and multi-stake holder input on the same before devising policies and guidelines for the better use of ICT.  Distinctive persons from different walks of life like Public Sector, Corporate, Financial Institutions, Academia and Legislation etc. have been gathered under the umbrella of NIDU to contribute towards the national policies.

Aims & Objectives
The aim of this project is to create a, ”Think Tank”  to advise, research and analyze the issues having relevance for the realization of goals set in the National IT Policy and IT Action Plan. Major functions of the Unit are to:

    • Arrange sessions with the experts of the relevant IT disciplines to analyze and collect ideas on the assigned issues.
    • Identify experts from the public and private sector so that their expertise can be used to address national issues relating to IT. These experts are organized into working groups designated to come up with concept papers, recommendations or outlines of project proposals.
    • Organize seminars on clearly defined issues. Invite papers from experts to be presented in the seminar. Divide participants into syndicates in order to facilitate formulation of findings and recommendations. This is followed by discussion & analysis in the general assembly. Each seminar concludes with a report including all findings & recommendations. Such reports will be submitted by NIDU to the Government.
    • Engage consultants where required on contract to handle major issues which need critical consultation and inputs for decision making. The assignment of the consultant will be clearly defined in advance along with all other conditions of the contract.
    • Give suggestions and recommendations to the executing agencies of IT projects in various domains. Based on this PC-Is can be prepared.
    • Assist the IT & T Division and other government bodies in identification and materialization of IT related initiatives and IT projects within specific areas.
NIDU Team comprises of three members a project manager and two project coordinators.

Prepared by: NIDU Team, Ministry of IT
Developed & Designed by M. Abu ul Fazal